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With so many regions Indonesia, we actually do not have what it called by “Indonesian Food” but we have variety of regional cuisine that synergize together as Indonesian cuisine. The dishes in every regions are reflections of their local culture and nature’s condition. Therefore characteristics of regional cuisine from one area to another is very well.

You can taste very strong spices mixture in west of Indonesia with strong influence taste of Middle Eastern and Indian, mild yet savoury and sweet in middle part of Indonesia and spicy and strong yet clear at the eastern part the archipelago. Even because of the extraordinary diversity, Indonesian cuisine become one of the motherland of cuisine in Southeast Asia.

If you love to experience authenticity of local culture, then exploring and tasting local food guided with local foodies are the best way for that. There are so many foodies activities you can try, from food tour to indigenous cooking class with the locals.

Good Indonesian Food offers varieties of different product as an integrated guide for travellers in exploring local gastronomic experience in Bali, Yoyakarta and Jakarta.

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