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Bali Activities
What to do in Bali

Bali Activities for most mean strolling on its beautiful beaches, relaxing at one of its so many resorts or experiencing its culture by witnessing Bali infamous Kecak Dance. Those might be true, however Bali offers so much exploration then what most know in general and Bali Activities mean endless adventure into the island of gods cultural, natural and spiritual beauty.

1. Bali Activitiess mean getting out of your hotel room.

Staying at a 5 stars hotel or enjoying the luxury of a high end resort sure is a lavish way to enjoy your holiday. However in Bali, every corner of the island offers an endless adventure to the local’s way of life – from the Balinese deep connection to spirituality to the everyday life. So, Encourage yourself to step out of the hotel, and stroll along the nearest neighborhood to experience the local charm and hospitality.

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2. Bali Activities mean engaging yourself with nature

Bali is so much more than just beaches, great waves for surfing, coconut trees and sands. There are many Bali activities that you can do beyond those – Like a walk amongst the beautiful rice terrace in Ubud, a trip to the Monkey Forest , visit the Bird park in Gianyar or have a visit to Bali’s highland located at the island northern region.

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3. Bali Activities mean learning new things

Bali does not only offer popular tourism, there is so much to explore, including new knowledge. Here Bali offers plenty to choose. From learning how to cook the local dishes, yoga class, workshop on arts, to having rendezvous with inspiring personalities at locally organized gathering are some of Bali activities relating to knowledge that you can experienced to enrich your heart and mind.

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4. Bali Activities are for everyone.

Bali offers diversity when it comes to its choices of tourism activities – either you’re a solo traveler or come in a large group of adventurers, Bali will always have something to accommodate the needs of those who visit the island. From looking for unforgettable romance to making memories with your family, Bali Activities are both fun and versatile.

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5. Bali Activities include the best of food.

Any holiday is not complete if tasting the local delicacy is not part of the itinerary. Bali also offers arrays of gastronomy heritage – From local dish like the Suckling Pig to the infamous Rendang from West Sumatra, the island of Bali served culinary experience not only from the island itself but also from the rest of Indonesia and the world. Yet, trying the local dish is a must. However, to ensure the best of experience, taking a food tour is mostly recommended, and if you’re looking for one, do click on the link

Canggu food tour

Bali activities are full of fun and delight, and to make them better the Balinese friendliness and great hospitality will make anyone who come feels very much at home, that when it’s time to leave, one can only feel reluctant to do so.