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Bali – Indonesia is often boasted as the island of gods , this claim however are far from exaggeration as Bali offers beauty in every aspect of its existence – from the beauty of its nature, the richness of its culture, up to the wonderful taste of its cuisine, and the best way to enjoy the island abundance in beauty and richness is through the so many local Bali Tour the island offers.

1. Bali Tour of Nature

From the beaches of Kuta and Sanur to the Highland of Northern Bali – Bali Tour of Nature offers the best from Mother Nature, where one can immerse into thoughts over the magnificent sunrise, romancing over the sunset or having a view hard to forget from top of the island.

Jatiluwih rice terraces bali

2. Bali Tour of Culture

Stroll along the city of Denpasar or a trip to the infamous Sukawati Art Market in Gianyar regency – Bali Tour of Culture will showcase the Balinese tie to art and culture and how they expressed it from carving to painting and from worshiping to dancing.

Balinese tie to art and culture

3. Bali Tour of Adventure

Surfing, Paragliding, bungee jumping to diving, Bali Tour of Adventure gives those with adrenaline rush addiction a chance to vent out their need and have fun at the same time.

Bali Tour of Adventure gives those with adrenaline

4. Bali Tour of Luxury

Get into a spa, have the best massage on the beach of or do yoga amongst the rice field, Bali Tour of Luxury will pampered your wishes and transcend them to a different level of indulgence – served on a silver platter.

Luxury hotel bali

5. Bali Tour of Food

Taste the local delicacy, have a bite of the best street food – Bali Tour of Food will allow you to dig in deeper into the Balinese culture from a whole different angle. From Street hawkers to Fine Dining, From simple snacks to culinary heritage – The Bali Tour of Food offers arrays of gastronomy delights that will have your taste palette blown away.

bali food sate lembat

Touring Bali is endless, the island is filled with pleasant surprises that awaits those who will come to visit, From Nature to Culture, from Adventure to Luxury any Bali Tour of your choice will cross path with our love for food, and when you’re looking for the best Bali tour on food, do find out more on