Palembang: Rumah Makan Pindang Meranjat Ibu Ucha

Palembang: Rumah Makan Pindang Meranjat Ibu Ucha

Established in the 1990s, Rumah Makan Pindang Meranjat Ibu Ucha is a popular joint in Palembang for Pindang (fish soup). Due to its reputation, the place tends to get crammed with punters on almost a daily basis – except on its day off on Friday.

The clock had just struck at 11am when I set foot into the premises, and I witnessed first-hand how busy it can get down here. Although it looked serene and peaceful from the outside, it was almost a full house inside. Most of the tables were booked, and I was fortunate enough to have obtained the last vacant spot.

After settling myself down, my local driver persuaded me to have a go at its Pindang Ikan Baung (river catfish soup) instead of the more well-liked Pindang Ikan Patin (farm catfish soup). “It’s only available on special occasions, and it’s tastier and less greasy than the Ikan Patin,” he reasoned. In order to prove him right – or wrong – I went along with his suggestion.

I had a little sip of the soup once my order came along, and a hint of spiciness sprang out from the soup, which elevated my appetite. The basil leaves and pineapple slices lent a refreshing sweet-and-sour blend to the overall flavour. Taste-wise, I would say that it’s pretty much reminiscent of Tom Yum, yet not as sour. The fish wasn’t too oily, which meant that its overall texture isn’t as flaky as similar dishes.

Jl. Demang Lebar Daun No. 14,
T: 0711 374 201
Open Saturday-Thursday from 9.30am-4pm
Rp60,000/US$2,60 per person

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