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Jakarta that was initially known as Batavia during the Dutch colonial era was once a strategic area to access to natural resources and it became an important hub across the Indonesian archipelago. But now, Jakarta is the best culinary scene that holds an endless paradise for foodies and is the best representation of the city’s diverse culinary nature. Jakarta offers countless of unique delicacies and gastronomies at the heart of the capital with a wonderful melange of cultures. And many have come to Jakarta to bask in the megapolitan ambience of the city, but tasting an abundance of mouth-watering gastronomies is one of the best way to taste the liveliest of Jakarta’s culinary. From restaurants to street food vendors, there are million ways to taste the lickerish food scene in Jakarta and both serves up some tasty irresistible treats.

Jakarta has some famous culinary areas where foodies can experience and discover a culinary heaven. Kota Tua, Mangga Besar, Cikini, and Pasar Baru host the best culinary scene in Jakarta. The variety of food that are in the districts are astonishing, prices are ranging from low to high, from street food vendors to upscale restaurants, it serves tons of Indonesian delicacies from every island in Indonesia. And in the midst of the Jakarta hustle, you can find and taste the best of the best Indonesian culinary while in the capital.

A special district known as Old Town or Kota Tua is famous for its touristic destination for both local and foreign tourists. Kota Tua is also home to historical colonial buildings and museums. Beyond its historical buildings, Kota Tua is also one of the best place to taste the delectable delicacies and delights in Jakarta while discovering the historical area in the good Old Town of Batavia. When it comes to tasting some local street vendors flavour, Kerak Telor is one of the must-try local dish if you visit Kota Tua. It is one of the traditional dish of the indigenous Jakartans, known as the Betawi Tribe – an omelette-like dish based on only two main ingredients, a mix of sticky rice grains and a choice of duck or chicken egg.

Just a few steps from the museum, there is also a selection of modern cafes that offers a modern ambience while serving a wide range of Indonesian dishes that will satisfy your foodie adventure. From street vendors to some classy restaurants, Jakarta’s old town is a tasty destinations for foodies craving for a foodie adventure.

Another food paradise for foodies you will find in Jakarta is Mangga Besar – a well-known area for its tempting culinary where Chinese classics blend in with traditional Indonesian cuisine and it’s the perfect place to experience the cultural melting pot gastronomies in Jakarta’s Chinatown. Jakarta food tour will take you to a cultural foodie adventure you will always remember. You will taste how the Chinese influence in Indonesian cuisine creates a unique cultural blend that is enjoyable by all, starting from noodles, kwetiaw, meatballs, until Durian makes Mangga Besar worth a visit. As a unique place that is strongly influenced by Chinese culture, known as Cina Peranakan as well as being the liveliest culinary spots in Jakarta, Mangga Besar has long been recognized when it comes to Indonesian meet Chinese dishes and is a perfect street to take you on a cultural Jakarta food tour adventure.

As one of Jakarta’s oldest neighbourhood, Cikini is also one of the best place to discover some authentic foods. Being a historic area in the heart of Jakarta, Cikini been attracting people from all over the world with its culinary sensation as Cikini offers tons of irresistible various taste of unique dishes that reflects the diversity of Indonesia. When you are in Cikini, one of the place you should not missed is the legendary Bubur Cikini. This legendary porridge place located in the corner of Cikini Raya near the Cikini’s train station has been famous since 30 years ago, this legendary Bubur Ayam gives you best authentic local Bubur Ayam. And what’s special with this chicken porridge is that you can choose to have it with raw egg that will be cooked with the heat of the porridge. Cikini is indeed the perfect place to find delicious street food vendors, and restaurants that serves variety of typical Indonesian specialities.

There is another best way to experience Jakarta’s culinary scene. The lively Pasar Baru that was built in 1820, located in the Central of Jakarta is home to a smelting of Indonesian, Chinese, Dutch colonial and Indian cultures and heaven to those who wants to experience the old Jakarta with Pasar Baru Foodie Tour. As the oldest shopping district in Jakarta where it lined with numbers of shops and well-known with their textile business market, Pasar Baru also offers tons of delicious foods you should try for your Pasar Baru foodie tour experience. Until this present day, Pasar Baru still holds its glorious past, including their gastronomy. Good Indonesian Food Pasar Baru Foodie Tour will take you to a market full of the best historical culinary and let you indulge yourself with the phenomenal Pasar Baru eateries. And if you dare to try Jakarta’s foodie adventure that will bring your appetite to the best legendary gastronomies - from Indian vegetarian food, Ice Cream, Bakmie, Cakweh, until traditional Acehnese dishes. Pasar Baru stores a lot of hidden culinary gems that is perfect for every foodies.

As the paradise for food lovers, from everything cheap and mouth-watering street food vendors, to a sophisticated fine dining at a classic restaurant, and else in between. Jakarta will surely reward you with some unforgettable meals. And being the largest and the most influential city in Indonesia, as well as the people in Jakarta that come from all different islands in Indonesia, you will be able to discover wide variety of food from all over Indonesia in just one city – Jakarta. Yet, the best authentic local food to try when you are in Jakarta will start from Kota Tua, Mangga Besar, Cikini until Pasar Baru.