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Jakarta Activities

Jakarta relatively is one of the youngest areas in Indonesia, where the story of region has just begun from five hundred years ago. It was Batavia, the name of Jakarta at the time, the most famous a port city and trade center within Southeast Asia. Within the land of Batavia, various ethnics and tribes met, interacted and socialized. Yet eventually there were some among the Sundanese and Javanese merged together, making a new tribe called the Betawi who we regard as native of Batavia, with influence of several foreign cultures such as Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese and finally the European. And of course, as a port and trading city, people from different regions came along to trade and settle a new living. As result Jakarta become the melting pot of hundreds of different cultures from all over Indonesia. And if we want to enjoy delicious Indonesia but you don't have enough time to travel throughout Indonesia, you only need to do is simply come to Jakarta. You can taste the delicacy of cuisine from all regions in Indonesia up to modern cuisine with international flavors. Not to forget, try the street food experience as this is the heart of food scene in Jakarta.

Jakarta activities

Explore further the richness of Indonesia's culinary heritage in Jakarta with various gastronomic activities that have been designed mindfully by Good Indonesian Tour.

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