10 “Must-Try” Eateries in Bali

10 “Must-Try” Eateries in Bali

Our team share their favourite establishments on the Island of the Gods

After five months’ worth of flying back and forth to Bali, we finally managed to compile a comprehensive catalogue of our favourite joints on the island – and a top ten list in the process. It involved hard work and a lot of eating – we even had to visit each place twice to ensure that it was worthy of a place in the top ten. There are some familiar names here, mind you, but we’ve also included a new joint that caught our attention. Questions may be asked of the inclusion of a Pie Susu shop, but we believe that the reasons behind it will justify its involvement. Now, without further ado, here is our very first top ten list of establishments that will make you want to return to Bali again and again.

Warung Mina
A couple of gents from our team have grown much attached to Warung Mina. Our editor-at-large describes its Pepes Gurami as “a breath of fresh air in Balinese cuisine”, seeing as it is dominated by pork-based dishes. On the other hand, our brand manager loves it for its children-friendly environment, which is a rarity amongst eateries in Bali.

bali-classic-warung mina

Warung Mak Beng
Despite its one-dish menu, we’ve yet to be disappointed by Warung Mak Beng, even after a few visits. Our brand manager was greatly impressed by its fish soup, despite not being a big fan of fish soups in general, due to it being odourless and featuring a flavour that is rich in Balinese spices. Add to that their fresh orange juice, and we’re fairly certain that you’ll be scheduling a second visit after one sip.

bali-heritage-warung mak beng

Murni’s Warung
Murni’s Warung holds the record of being the first restaurant in Ubud, having been established back in the 1970s. Even after a few visits, we still can’t stop yearning for itsMurni’s Tutu Ayam and Balinese caramel cake. Both rich in flavour, they are just perfect for pampering our Indonesian taste buds. The joint’s laid-back ambience and its relaxing view of a river add plus points to the overall experience.

bali-heritage-murni's warung

Pie Susu Asli Enaaak
To find Pie Susu (milk tart) in Bali is as simple as ABC; the tough part is to source out one that actually tastes good. So out of all the Pie Susu joints on the island, we nominated Pie Susu Asli Enaaak as the finest of the lot. Why, you ask? Well, first of all, the milk tart here is crunchy and easy on the stomach. Secondly, we packed a few boxes to bring back home for our loved ones, and they finished the whole bunch in less than 24 hours.

bali-classic-pie susu enaak

Lawar Bali Kartika
Specialising in Lawar Bali, Lawar Bali Kartika was founded in the 1970s and is a firm favourite amongst locals. Here, customers are able to choose between chicken or pork for their Lawar, with side dishes to accompany your Lawar and rice including Urutan Babi(pork sausage), thinly sliced fried pork liver, Sate Lilit Babi (minced pork satay), and Tum(steamed Lawar with a soupçon of pig’s blood). It is also served with a bowl of Ares (spicy pork broth boiled with banana shoots).

bali-classic-lawar bali kartika



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