5 Best Dishes in Palembang besides Pempek

5 Best Dishes in Palembang besides Pempek

It’s probably a given to check out a good Pempek (fishcake with vinegar sauce) place whilst visiting Palembang – especially when the dish has become one of the city’s most iconic features. However, this has meant us overlooking the other tasty treats that are available here, which is such a shame as they very much deserve your full attention.

Pindang Ikan Baung

pindang meranjat ibu ucha
Unlike Pindang Patin (farmed catfish soup), Pindang Ikan Baung (river catfish soup) is less oily, tastes better, and is valued highly in the eyes of the locals. Drop by RM Pindang Meranjat Ibu Ucha to sample the best Pindang Ikan Baung in town.

Brengkes Tempoyak Patin

rumah makan pindang musi rawas
Knowing the pungent odour and overly sweet tang of the durian, I never thought I could actually enjoy a dish made out of the fruit. Step forward Brengkes Tempoyak Patin (steamed catfish with fermented durian wrapped in banana leaf), which taught me never to judge a food before trying.

Mie Celor

mie celor hm syafei z
Although suitable to be consumed at any time of the day, Mie Celor (creamy noodle soup) is a favourite breakfast dish for the locals. It’s quite common to see Mie Celor joints packed to the brim in the morning.

Nasi Minyak

nasi minyak h. abuk
There are more purveyors of Nasi Minyak (flavoured ghee rice) in Palembang than one can shake a stick at, which is a good thing. Make sure you’re on an empty stomach before you go and eat one – Nasi Minyak is served alongside quite a number of side dishes.

Mie Pangsit

mie terang bulan
A very unexceptional dish, I know, but believe me when I say that Palembang’s Mie Terang Bulan will show you how to make a proper serving of Mie Pangsit (dry noodles with wonton soup).

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