6 of The Best of Soto Betawi

For me, the deliciousness of a bowl of Soto Betawi (Betawi beef soup) and its dense broth is able to alleviate my exhausted body and soul after a spell on the congestion-stricken streets of Jakarta. Luckily, this city is simply teeming with restaurants and warung that offers this traditional Betawi dish and the following are some of the best that the Big Durian has to offer.

Soto Betawi H. Husen

restoran betawi wajib coba
My favourite Soto Betawi joint, although the one gripe that I have regarding the place is that you have to be there early – even before lunchtime – as it tend to run out of beef, cow lung and a few other of its essential ingredients.

Jl. Padang Panjang No. 6C,
South Jakarta
T: 021 8370 6476
Open daily from 7am-1pm

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Soto Betawi Afung

jabodetabek-heritage-soto betawi afung
Each of its Paru Goreng (fried cow lung) offers a crispiness that is unparalleled. Founded in 1982, Soto Betawi Afung relocated a few times before settling down at its current location in 2005.

Jl. Gang Gloria No. 12, Glodok,
West Jakarta
T: 021 690 1496
Open daily from 6am-5pm

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Soto Roxy H. Darwasa

Soto Roxy H. Darwasa
It’ll be worth your time and effort to join in the long queues that tend to form here once you’ve tasted its delectable Soto Betawi. Don’t forget to order its fried beef.

Jl. Tidore No .2, Roxy,
Central Jakarta
T: 021 632 6801/555 0638
Open daily from 7am-3pm

Soto Betawi H. Ma’ruf

Jabodetabek-classic-soto betawi h ma'ruf
Those who frequently visit Taman Ismail Marzuki in Cikini would certainly be familiar with this place. Established in the 1960s, Soto Betawi H. Ma’ruf already has a few branches running across the city, with the people’s favourite being the one on Jalan Gondangdia Lama.

Jl.Gondangdia Lama No. 36A,
Central Jakarta
Open daily from 10am-9pm

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Soto Kaki Sapi Mencos H. Sarnadi

Jabodetabek-classic-soto kaki sapi mencos h sarnadi
Soto Kaki Sapi Mencos H. Sarnadi has been around for more than five decades now, and its popularity has never waned since its inception. In fact, the number of visitors coming here for its legendary Soto Kaki Sapi (cow’s trotters soup) has swelled. You are able to opt for beef for your Soto instead of cow’s trotters too.

Jalan Percetakan Negara No. 2C,
Central Jakarta
Open daily from 10am-10pm

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Soto Jakarta Pak H. Yus

Soto Jakarta Pak H. Yus
It has one of the most extensive lists of Soto Betawi around, including Soto Kikil (cow’s trotters soup), Soto Daging Sapi (beef soup), Soto Tulang Muda (cow cartilage soup), Soto Lidah (cow’s tongue soup), Soto Paru Iso (cow lung soup), Soto Babat (beef tripe soup), and Soto Ginjal dan Jantung (cow’s kidney and heart soup). The coconut milk broth here is also second to none.

Jl. Minangkabau No. 40,
South Jakarta
T: 021 9575 5070
Open daily from 8am-6pm

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