A Storyteller’s Favourite Food

A Storyteller’s Favourite Food

The name Salman Aristo would surely ring a bell for local film enthusiasts. The much-celebrated scriptwriter was born on April 13, 1976 and has been responsible for writing some of the finest Indonesian film scripts known to mankind, including “Ayat-Ayat Cinta”, “Laskar Pelangi”, “Garuda Di Dadaku” and “Sang Penari”. During times when his occupation requires him to shoot a film on foreign soil, the Piala Citra-winning storyteller would always be longing for the five following delicacies that he could only find back home in Indonesia:

Nasi Goreng Taman Menteng
Both its taste and seasoning are perfect for my palate. Furthermore, the tricky part in cooking a good serving of fried rice is to ensure that the rice is neither too mushy nor too stiff – and this is what they excel at here. My favourite fried rice ever.

Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto,
Menteng, Central Jakarta

Gado-Gado dan Ketoprak Ciragil
I love Gado-Gado (mixed vegetables in peanut sauce), and to me, the best Gado-Gado in town is Gado-Gado Ciragil – simply because they add Telur Asin (salted egg) into their concoction. It lends something pleasantly different to the proceedings. I am also a big fan of its Ketoprak (vermicelli and tofu salad).

Jl. Ciragil II, Blok Q, No. 24,
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
T: 0858 6515 6117
Open daily from 9am-5.30pm

Gulai Kepala Kakap Rumah Makan Medan Baru
There’s only one word to describe this dish: insane. I immediately fell in love with Rumah Makan Medan Baru’s Gulai Kepala Kakap (snapper head curry) from the first time I tried it. It has two branches – one in Pluit and the other in Pasar Baru – but its flagship shop is in Krekot Bunder.

Jl. Krekot Bunder No. 65, Pasar Baru,
Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta
T: 021 385 8992
Open daily from 9am-9pm

Batagor Pasar Dago
It’s a no-brainer that I would have to gobble down on some Batagor (fried fish dumplings with tofu) whenever I find myself in Bandung. There are quite a few excellent joints that offer Batagor in the City of Flowers – most notably Batagor Riri. For me, however, I’d rather go for the Batagor at Pasar Dago.

Jl. Ir. H.Djuanda No. 218, Lebakgede,
Coblong, Bandung
T: 022 250 4827
Open daily from 8am-10pm

Pempek Megaria
I’m crazy about Pempek (fried fishcake) and my Pempek place of choice is Pempek Megaria, which is located right next to Metropole XXI in Cikini. I’ve also got another fave Pempek eatery over in Palembang but I forgot its name. Whenever I go there, I’d always treat myself to a takeaway and bring it home.

Komplek Bioskop Metropole XXI,
Jl. Pegangsaan Timur No. 21,
Cikini, Central Jakarta
T: 021 3192 2249
Open daily from 11am-9pm


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