Bali: Made’s Warung

Made’s Warung’s Nasi Campur is one dish that explodes in a rainbow of flavours.

Although Seminyak is still playing catch-up with Kuta in the popularity stakes, excursionists will find plenty to love in this glorious beach town with its luxurious seaside resorts, luscious beaches, alluring restaurants, and cash-ravaging boutiques. Saunter through the heart of Seminyak and lap up the atmosphere, and if you’re a food-lover like yours truly, pay a visit to one of the many enticing eateries dotted about the place to get the full Seminyak experience. Now, one joint that we’re going to give our full attention this time around is Made’s Warung.

Be they locals, expats or tourists, they’ve all reserved a special place in their hearts for Made’s Warung. With its selection of exquisite Indonesian and international dishes, it’s become one of the most-loved haunts in Bali, and it currently operates three other branches, including one in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – quite a feat for a restaurant that started out as a roadside warung back in 1969. Amongst the overwhelming number of choices in its menu, its renowned Nasi Campur (mixed rice) stands out.

Comprising Sate Lilit (minced fish satay), thinly sliced fried tempeh, Sayur Nangka (jackfruit stewed in coconut milk), spinach, red beans, Plecing Terong (spicy fried eggplant), boiled fish, herbed chicken, beef, and crunchy salted fish, this is one dish that explodes in a rainbow of flavours. There’s sweetness and a trace of pungent Balinese spices to be found from the Sate Lilit, while the beef was tender and rich in flavour. As with most traditional Bali dishes, Made’s Warung’s version of the mixed rice also comes with a dollop of fiery hot sambal on the side.

Besides its oh-so-yummy array of comestibles, Made’s Warung also offers a very comfy dining area – complete with an alfresco space – with its interior featuring a very distinctive classic Balinese touch. Oh, they provide ample parking space as well, so you have nothing to worry about if you’re coming here by car.

Jl. Raya Seminyak,
Banjar Seminyak, Kuta
T: 0361 732 130
Open daily from 10am to 12am
Rp.80,000/US$5.80 per person

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