Bali: Murni’s Warung

As I ate, I found out that the best way to enjoy Nasi Tutu’s Ayam was by dipping the chicken into the broth to enhance its juiciness.

Ubud is known as the cultural hub of Bali, with its myriad of art galleries and handicraft shops all ready to be pounced on by art aficionados and hunters alike. While it is rich with food for the mind and soul, the area is also loaded with long-established celebrated eateries that are more than worth your time and tummy space. One of them is Murni’s Warung, which was founded by its namesake Murni in 1974 – the oldest restaurant in Ubud.

Much-loved by both local expats and tourists, it specialises in Balinese and Western cuisine. Its interior is adorned with exquisite antiques; Balinese stone sculptures, and artworks. Housed in a four-storey building located on a steep hillside, this establishment not only provides a top-class culinary experience but also a comfortable, homely ambience complete with beautiful riverside scenery. There’s also a souvenir shop near its main entrance, which sells handicrafts by the truckload.

By car, it took me around an hour’s drive to reach the place from my hotel in Seminyak. Since it was my first time at the restaurant, I spent quite some time looking through the menu as I was flummoxed by the amount of choices on offer. Realising that the waiter had become slightly agitated as he waited for me to dwell on what to have, I settled for the Nasi Tutu’s Ayam (Balinese chicken with rice). As I flicked through the pages to find the perfect sweet treat for dessert, I stumbled upon Balinese Caramel Cake, which the menu describes as one that is normally used as an offering for sacred rituals by the locals. My curiosity piqued, I opted to order a slice.

The Nasi Tutu’s Ayam comprises yellow rice, Tutu’s chicken, and Lawar (a mixture of vegetables, coconut and minced meat. Served with a bowl of herbed chicken broth on the side, the chicken was stewed in herbs and spices, which made its meat tender and flavourful. As I ate, I found out that the best way to enjoy it was by dipping the chicken into the broth to enhance its juiciness. As for the cake? Well, it turns out that it was just an oil cake with a gingery aftertaste, drenched in caramel sauce. Either way, it proved to be a fitting end to what was an overall pleasant meal.

bali-heritage-murni's warung bali-heritage-murni's warung

Jl. Raya Campuan
Ubud, Bali
T: 0361 975 233
Open from 9am-11pm
Rp.120,000/US$8.70 per person

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