Bali: Warung Bu Putu

“Sharing similar characteristics to Rujak Gula, what separates Rujak Kuah Pindangfrom its sugary counterpart is the sauce in which it is doused in.

As Bali gets increasingly inundated with modern chic restaurants and fancy fine-dining joints, one small warung has stuck to its guns to bring you a timely reminder of the wondrous beauty of simple-yet-delicious traditional local food. Having been serving its brand of Rujak (Indonesian fruit salad) and Tipat Cantok (rice cake and rice vermicelli in peanut sauce) since 1992, Warung Bu Putu is one classic eatery that will take your taste buds on a pleasurable adventure.

Located on Jalan Blambangan in a row of old shops right next to Bedbunkers Hostel, Warung Bu Putu only features one long wooden table at the front end of the place – showcasing its credentials as a proper warung. This is also justified by its lack of a parking area. When I went there, my hired driver had to drop me off in front of the shop before he went further down the road to park the car.

After placing my order from Bu Putu at the counter, I sat myself down when a number of customers began to come in and ordered the Rujak to go. There are four types of Rujak on offer here: Rujak Gula (fruit salad with sugar), Rujak Cuka (fruit salad with vinegar),Rujak Kacang (fruit salad with peanut sauce) and Rujak Kuah Pindang (Balinese fruit salad). As I was in Bali, I opted for the latter, along with a serving of Tipat Cantok.

Sharing similar characteristics to Rujak Gula, what separates Rujak Kuah Pindang from its sugary counterpart is the sauce in which it is doused in, which is a mixture of vinegar, sugar, and chilli – exactly the same ingredients used for the papaya-based dish Gohu that originates from my hometown of Manado in North Sulawesi. Zesty and refreshing, it’s the perfect solution to counter the hot weather in Bali. The Tipat Cantok comprises ketupat(steamed rice cake), bihun (rice vermicelli), fried tofu, boiled egg, and bean sprouts. Drenched in peanut sauce, it’s almost identical to Ketoprak, with the only difference being the density of its peanut sauce.

bali-classic-warung bu putu
Jl. Blambangan No. 5
Kuta, Bali
Open daily from 8am-10pm
Rp.15,000/US$1.10 per person

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