Banda Aceh: RM Aceh Rayeuk

First established in 2002, RM Aceh Rayeuk has become the go-to eatery for Ayam Tangkap and Kari Kambing (mutton curry) for 14 years now. Its remarkable success has led to the opening of two further outlets in the city.

Having been informed of the joint’s reputation, I promptly made my way to Leung Bata whilst on a visit to Banda Aceh. As I stepped foot inside the place, a waitress approached me and asked if I wanted to sit in a private room. Without a moment’s hesitation, I accepted the offer and followed her to the back of the restaurant. What I found was a well-kept space equipped with an air-conditioner that’s ideal for a lunch or dinner meeting.

I scanned through the menu and noted that it also serves other quintessential Acehnese dishes besides Ayam Tangkap and mutton curry, including Gulai Ikan Kayu (fish curry) and beef jerky. As I was on a quest to sample the best Ayam Tangkap that the city could throw at me, I ordered its version of the fried chicken. For the other dish, I asked the waitress’ recommendation. She enthusiastically suggested the deer or fish jerky. I opted for the latter as I’ve already familiarised myself with deer jerky during one of my previous culinary excursions.

After a 20-minute wait, my food finally arrived. As the waitress entered the room, the divine aroma wafting from the pandanus leaves atop the Ayam Tangkap immediately grabbed me by the nostrils. The dish itself is a whole chicken that was marinated with pandanus and curry leaves for quite some time before being fried. It was bursting with flavours that left my taste buds on cloud nine. The thin slices of fish jerky were covered with coriander seeds, which left a tingling taste on my palate. Similar to beef jerky in taste, it has a texture that is softer and tender, though, due to the choice of fish as the meat. Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish everything, so I asked for the waitress to pack the rest to go. Later that evening, I took a bite out of the fish jerky and it still tasted as good as it did back at RM Aceh Rayeuk. Impressive.

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Jl. Teungku Imum Lueng Bata No. 33,
Banda Aceh
T: 0651 740 9122
Open daily from 8am-10pm
Price: Rp.50,000/US$3.70 per person

Started her career as a food writer in 2012, Jessicha Valentina is the online editor of Good Indonesian Food. Jessicha has loved Sayur Asem since she was a wee kid and spends her free time trying to cook it.


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