Banda Aceh: Warung Kopi Solong

Banda Aceh: Warung Kopi Solong

If you happen to be a coffee lover, then you should schedule a visit to Aceh. As the biggest coffee producer in Indonesia, the city owns a handful of coffee joints offering high quality beans.

Warung Kopi Solong is the oldest coffee shop in Banda Aceh. Founded in 1974, the coffee shop was originally named Jasa Ayah. According to Haji Nawi, the current owner, Solong was his father nickname. The customers got more familiar with the nickname and started to call the coffee shop as Warung Kopi Solong.

There are three outlets scattered all over Banda Aceh. Each of the outlets is offering variations of Robusta and Arabica. When I made a visit to the their outlet in Jalan T Iskandar, I decided to try both Kopi Sanger and espresso. Kopi Sanger was made from Robusta mix with condensed milk. In one gulp, I discovered that the mixture provided a delightful bittersweet drink. On the other side, the espresso was made from Arabica and served with smashed palm sugar. The espresso has a thicker texture and left a sour aftertaste. It’s best consumed with the traditional snacks available at the warung.

One interesting thing about Warung Kopi Solong is the fact they’re not selling Kopi Luwak. Pak Nawi thinks that it’s inappropriate to sell the coffee produced in animal poop. “Whenever we have an extra profit, we will give it to the mosque. It would be wrong if we give a money made from a poop,” explains one of the staffs.

Jl. T Iskandar No.13-14,
Ulee Kareng, Banda Aceh
Open daily from 6am-11pm
Rp.20,000/US$1.50 per person

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