Bandung: Bakmi Linggarjati

Bandung: Bakmi Linggarjati

Besides rice, the most loved staple food that we Indonesians always look out for has got to be Bakmi (noodles). And the same applies to the good people of Bandung, where you can find dozens of Bakmi eateries around town. One shop that has been in the business since the 1950s is Bakmi Linggarjati. Initially specialising in more than just noodles, only halfway through its existence did the owners decided to focus on just Mie Bakso (meatball noodles) and Mie Yamin (dry noodles) and their respective variations.

Situated on Jalan Balonggede – a narrow street a stone’s throw away from Alun-Alun Bandung – Bakmi Linggarjati sees more than its fair share of customers every day, which includes loyal local patrons and visitors from neighbouring cities. Featuring an interior that references the quintessential Indonesian eatery, it is housed in a medium-sized shop that has a capacity of 40-50 people. It was only 9am when I got there, but the place was already packed to the brim. Now that’s what I call popular.

I went for its Mie Yamin Pangsit (dry noodles with wonton soup) and a bowl of Bakso. One has an option of either having the Mie Yamin salty or sweet – I opted for the latter. After a long wait due to the number of customers, I finally got my food.

The wonton soup comes with a zesty chicken broth served in a separate bowl from the noodles. The chicken fillings inside the wonton were thinly sliced and enriched the overall texture of this savoury treat. The sweet Mie Yamin uses thin home-made noodles and is slightly dark in colour due to the generous use of soy sauce – the main source of its sweet flavour. A salty aftertaste in the mix comes from the chicken chunks that are scattered on top of the noodles. Served in a bowl of beef broth, the Bakso consists of ten pieces of small succulent meatballs and made the perfect company for the Mie Yamin.

Jl. Balonggede No. 1,
Open daily from 8.30am-7pm
Price: Rp.50,000/US$3.70 per person

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