Bandung: Batagor Riri

Besides Batagor Kingsley, another Batagor (fried fish dumplings) purveyor in Bandung that regularly sees huge crowds descending upon its establishment is Batagor Riri. Founded in 1985, the rate in which it has developed as a business is astounding. More than a handful of Batagor Riri outlets currently operate across the City of Flowers, while the word on the street is that the joint has been very influential in turning Batagor into one of the most-loved local dishes around.

Of course I didn’t miss the opportunity to have a taste when I was in town recently. I navigated my way to its founding shop on Jalan Burarang at around 3pm, and the place wasn’t as full as I thought it would be. In fact, only a couple of families were present at the time. Featuring an interior that is akin to a multinational fast-food chain, it also requires customers to step up to the counter to place their order and pay for it – much like the type of joints that I mentioned. A quick glance to the walls of the shop reveals myriads of photographs flaunting Indonesian celebrities who have frequented Batagor Riri.

As I was a Batagor Riri virgin, I opted to have its signature fried Batagor so that I could deduce how good it was. Consisting of fried fishcake and tofu doused in peanut sauce, the whole mixture possesses a very brownish colour – possibly due to it being fried for an extended period. Its lengthy cooking time resulted in a dry and crunchy exterior, while on the inside, the juicy fishcake felt tender on my palate. There’s a salty trace that comes from the peanut sauce, which has a perfectly balanced flavour and is formidably spicy as well.

Jl. Burangrang No. 41,
Bandung, West Java
T: 022 730 3349
Open daily from 8am-8pm
Price: Rp.25,000/US$1.80 per person

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