Bandung: Martabak Andir

Bandung: Martabak Andir

With Bandung known for being home to some of the best Martabak (stuffed pancake) in the whole country, you’d be hard-pressed to not spot a Martabak joint with every step that you take whilst here. Amongst them all, though, is one Martabak Andir – a shop that has been dishing out top-class Martabak on a regular basis since 1975.

Besides offering the classic chocolate-and-cheese kind, Martabak Andir also has a plethora of other choices on its menu, ranging from durian, banana, jackfruit, cherry and Jagung Keju (corn and cheese) to cappuccino, Nutella, green tea Kit Kat, and Toblerone. However, one flavour that has become the most sought-after out of all is its Martabak Jagung Keju. In fact, before I went, our junior managing editor encouraged me to ignore the rest and just give this particular variety a go.

While other places may put forward its Martabak in two different sizes, Martabak Andir only has a huge 14-inch Martabak available. When it comes to the ingredients used, Martabak Andir is very particular in its selection – only the finest brands are used for its flour, chocolate sprinkles, cheese, milk, and butter.

Its Martabak dough is slightly thinner that what you may usually encounter, while its tender and moist texture has a creamy-like feel to it. The combination of corn and cheese gives off a tasty blend of sweet and savoury flavours, thanks to the corn being placed on the dough while it’s half-cooked all the way until it’s fully baked.

Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 413,
Bandung, West Java
T: 022 601 5386
Open daily from 4pm-11pm
Rp.80,000/US$6 per box

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