Bandung: Martabak Capitol

Martabak (stuffed pancake) purveyors in Jakarta tend to label their products as “Martabak Bandung”, which makes reference to their Martabak being of Bandung origins; meaning that it is supposed to be good. To test this theory, I went on a mini Martabak hunt whilst in Bandung and Martabak Capitol was the first shop that I paid a visit to.

A proper hoarding stands tall in front of the joint, making it easy to be pointed out from the string of outlets on Jalan Sudirman. I arrived at about an hour before it was due to close, so it was comforting to see fellow tardy customers still waiting in line at the counter as they bide their time to place an order. After scanning through the list on the counter, I opted for its Martabak Toblerone (stuffed pancake with Toblerone filling) and Martabak Tipis Pisang Coklat (thin-crust pancake with chocolate and banana fillings).

While most places that offer Martabak Toblerone uses grated Toblerone, Martabak Capitol grinds the delectable chocolate bar and then dredges it on the dough. This lends a denser and milkier texture to the proceedings. The dough itself is pillowy and moisty, with a slightly greasy trace that comes from the layers of butter that are spread across its surface. Using top-quality chocolate sprinkles and fresh bananas for its fillings, the thin-crust Martabak features an exterior that is crunchy to a T. However, it has to be consumed immediately upon purchase to avoid it becoming stale.

I managed to ask its owner several questions regarding his establishment as I was just about to leave the premises. From his explanations, I discovered that Martabak Capitol was founded in 1977, with its moniker derived from a cinema that used to be located in the area. It became Martabak Intisari for quite some time, before it reverted back to its original name a couple of years ago.

martabak capitol

Jl. Sudirman No. 101,
T: 022 61602333
Open daily from 2pm-8pm
Price: Rp.80,000/US$6 per box

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