Bandung: Mie Kocok Pak Enco

Despite Jakarta’s myriads of traditional dishes on offer, food enthusiasts such as you and I should know that for one to sample a food item’s true flavour, one must come to its source. And this rings true for the Mie Kocok (beef tendon noodles) at Mie Kocok Pak Enco in Bandung. Although there are hundreds of equally spectacular Mie Kocok purveyors across the City of Flowers, it’s worth including this little joint on your list.

Finding its whereabouts won’t be too difficult of a task, as its wooden cart is always docked opposite Kartika Sari’s flagship shop on Jalan H. Akbar in Kebon Kawung. Classified under “Legends” in my made-up Bandung culinary lexicon, Mie Kocok Pak Enco first came into being in 1955. Business has been thriving ever since, with the warung welcoming waves of customers day in, day out.

Only a couple of wooden benches are available for a maximum of eight people to sit on, so it’s a familiar sight to see people slurping on their Mie Kocok whilst standing upright. I found myself in a similar situation on my visit to this place a few months ago, as it was just too crowded – despite my watch pointing to 9am when I arrived. Thankfully, the service was swift despite the long queue, as I was handed my Mie Kocok not long after I joined the file of fellow punters.

Its Mie Kocok comprises a bowl of beef broth filled with noodles, kikil (beef tendon) and bean sprouts. It turns out that I missed out by about an hour to have a taste of its beef marrow, which is usually part of the concoction, as it was already finished by the time I got there. The home-made noodles were scrumptious, and the pleasure factor was amped up even further by the chewy and savoury beef tendon. The beef broth is cooked for hours beforehand and is dense and zesty – a crucial aspect that sets Mie Kocok Pak Enco apart from its equivalents.

Jl. H. Akbar (across Kartika Sari),
Bandung, West Java
Open daily from 7.30am-5.30pm
Rp.20,000/US$1.50 per portion

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