Bandung: Mie Rica Kejaksaan

Before I conducted my culinary reconnaissance in Bandung, I was actually no stranger to the greatness of Mie Rica Kejaksaan despite my lack of first-hand experience with the joint. The many praises that have been sung by those who have indulged in its splendour are there for all to read on the Internet, while a number of friends and colleagues have also informed me of its illustriousness – especially when it comes to the joint’s spicy delights.

From its inception in the 1960s, this eatery has so far expanded its business by opening an additional branch at Pasar Kaliki Hyper Square. However, I assumed that to sample its food in its true form would be to do so directly from its earliest kitchen, which is located on Jalan Kejaksaan. Housed in a small house-like property with a capacity of around 30-40 people, I made the mistake of arriving there at 12.30pm – at the peak of lunch hour. The place was packed to the brim, with latecomers queuing up by the dozen outside, including myself. In total, it took me 40 minutes to finally get a seat and have my food ready. I ordered its fiery hot Mie Rica Pangsit Asin (noodles with spicy minced porn and wonton soup), and it turned out to be very worthwhile indeed considering the great lengths that I had to go through.

Its home-made noodle is moist and tender, while the burning sensation that came from its minced pork was extraordinary. It only took me mere seconds to burst into little tears after my first spoonful. Despite the wildfire that was raging inside my mouth, it did not lessen the essence of the whole dish. Instead, it gave the concoction a lift in terms of its overall flavour. I then washed the heat down with the juicy savoury wonton and its zesty soup. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call a spicy meal that is.

Jl. Kejaksaan No. 7,
Open daily from 8am-2pm and 4.30pm-8pm
Price: Rp.30,000/US$2.20 per person

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