Bandung: Nasi Timbel Bawean

Bandung: Nasi Timbel Bawean

As one of the most iconic dishes in the Sundanese culinary lexicon, Nasi Timbel – basically steamed rice wrapped in banana leaf and served with various side dishes such as fried chicken, Empal (seasoned fried beef) and many others – is offered by numerous stalls and restaurants across Bandung. One such joint that should be on your must-try list, however, is Nasi Timbel Baweaan.

I was initially introduced to this eatery by one of my Bandung-native mates a few years back, and since then, I’ve become a huge fan. Founded in 1985, it is located on Jalan Bawean and is housed in a garage that could fit about 30-40 customers. Often crowded during lunchtime, I dropped by at around 10am and sure enough, the place was near deserted. However, my ploy to come early and have the shop all to myself backfired as its Pepes Tahu (steamed tofu fritter) and Pepes Ayam (seasoned steamed chicken) were not yet available. I settled for fried chicken, fried tofu and potato fritter instead, along with a clump of its refreshing sambal.

The savoury fried chicken was seasoned perfectly, matching the aromatic steamed rice with aplomb. The tastiness of the whole meal was amplified even further by the rich and moderately spicy sambal.

As this very outlet closes at 5pm, the only way you could have this delicacy for dinner is to head over to its other branch on Jalan Belitung, which is open Monday to Friday from 3pm to 9pm.

Jl. Bawean No. 3 Pav,
T: 022 7144 1777/0813 2125 2222
Open daily from 7.30am-5pm
Price: Rp.25,000/US$1.80 per person

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