Bandung: Restoran Dunia Baru

A popular family restaurant in Bandung that serves a selection of mouth-watering Chinese dishes, Restoran Dunia Baru tends to be very crowded during weekends – with visiting Jakartans making up the majority of the turnout. Despite its popularity, however, the restaurant itself is housed inside a small shoplot on Jalan Gardujati, with only eight round tables available to accommodate up to 50 people.

I entered the place at about 10am and there wasn’t a single customer around as it was on a weekday. Thank God for that. I then settled myself on a table and a waiter hurriedly came over to hand me the menu.

Now, I always find it frustrating when a restaurant doesn’t list down the prices of its menu items, and unfortunately, Restoran Dunia Baru is guilty of such a crime. Vexed, I put down the menu and instead asked the staff member for recommendations. Provided with the option of either boiled ginger chicken or Babi Goreng Kecap (fried pork in soy sauce), I went for the latter along with a plate of steamed rice.

It took quite a while for my food to be ready, and once it was delivered to my table, only then I discovered that it was actually fried to a crisp. Served with cucumber slices and sambal on the side, it seems that the pork meat was covered in flour before being thrown into the frying pan. Crunchy to a T, it oozed a sweet soy sauce-flavoured aftertaste that is to die for. The sambal was hot like wildfire, adding a touch of freshness to the dish – just the way I like it.

It might be a bit costly price-wise, but its quality more than makes up for it. Worth every penny.

Jl. Gardujati,
Bandung, West Java
T: 0813 2013 6823
Open daily from 10am-8pm
Rp.100,000/US$7.60 per person

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