Bandung: Roti Bakar Bumbu Cari Rasa

Bandung: Roti Bakar Bumbu Cari Rasa

Paying a visit to Roti Bakar Bumbu Cari Rasa proved to be quite a struggle for me at first, and I reckon it would frustrate you as well. Situated in the Pasar Kosambi neighbourhood, the joint is surrounded by a multitude of hawkers and parked angkot (public minibus) that overcrowd the area and inflict chaos on the vicinity. Housed in an unkempt shoplot right next to the marketplace itself, it’s virtually impossible to spot from the street. Only once you’ve gone past the marketplace and drive into the parking lot next door will you finally be able to see its exact location.

Regularly drawing a huge crowd, Roti Bakar Cari Rasa has been around since 1960. As I made my entrance at around 6pm, there were already ten customers queuing up at the counter. Its menu is pasted on the wall behind it, which makes it simple for punters to choose what they want prior to placing their order.

There a total of three choices available: its signature Roti Bumbu Bakar (toast with a variety of fillings), Roti Keju (toast with cheese filling), and Roti Kornet (toast with corned beef filling). Each comes in three different sizes, and you have the option to have them without being toasted as well. Since I was here to pop my Roti Bumbu Bakar cherry, I went with its signature treat. Turns out that it was basically a serving of toast stuffed with a mix of pineapple jam, chocolate sprinkles, peanuts, and condensed milk.

From the outside, it looks quite similar to the run-of-the-mill Roti Bakar that you’d normally find in Jakarta. The feature that distinguishes it from its counterparts is its fillings. The pineapple jam tasted sweet instead of sour, while a salty aftertaste from the peanuts was detected by my taste buds. The toasted bread itself – which I assumed is homemade – was thick and pillowy.

Jl. Jend. A. Yani No. 148 (Next to Pasar Kosambi),
T: 022 423 9740
Open daily from 6am-6pm
Rp.40,000/US$3 per box (Large)

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