Bandung: Warung Bu Eha

To be honest, the exhaustive journey that I had to go through to locate Warung Bu Eha was not an enjoyable one. Three times I circled outside Pasar Cihapit, before one of the merchants from the market finally enlightened me of its exact whereabouts – it was inside the marketplace. Off I walked into the bustling establishment, passing by vendor after vendor until I eventually saw a signboard that pointed toward the shop. And then it came into view – two wooden tables perched in front of the secluded warung.

Despite being founded in the 1960s, Bu Eha’s recipes have been around for longer as they were handed down by her late mum Bu Enok – herself a Sundanese mixed rice seller who opened her own stall in 1947. Occupying a couple of small lots, the space functions as both Warung Eha’s kitchen and its counter that displays the selection of dishes on offer. Dine-in customers have only a couple of tables to eat on, both positioned in the narrow corridor in front of the joint.

There were a few punters who were lining up at the counter when I got there, but most of them were having their meals to go. I filled my plate of rice with fried tempeh, Perkedel (potato fritter), Pepes Ayam (steamed chicken in banana leaf wrap) and Sayur Urap (a mix of papaya leaves, long beans, cabbages, bean sprouts, and grated coconut). For the coup de grâce, I added a dollop of refreshing Sambal Terasi (fermented prawn sambal) on the side. The highlight was the irresistible Pepes Ayam, with the steamed chicken adequately seasoned – resulting in a succulent and flavoursome delight. The aromatic tinge that sprang from the banana leaf wrap enhanced its overall taste even further.

Pasar Cihapit,
Bandung, West Java
T: 022 426 1453
Open daily from Monday to Saturday, 6am-3pm
Price: Rp.25,000/US$1.80 per person

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