Bandung: Warung Inul

Just a stone’s throw away from the city centre of Bandung – within the depths of the Komplek Dago Highland in Dago Pakar – lies a Sundanese eatery called Warung Inul. To reach the place, one must drive up a narrow uphill road that leads to the housing area – a rather taxing journey, yet one that will reward you with marvellous food and a comforting green panorama.

Although there’s nothing to shout about its make-up – it features zinc roofing and wooden poles – it is quite capacious in size. Ever since it was founded in the late 1990s, Warung Inul has relocated several times before they settled on this particular spot. Knowing that the joint would be crammed with punters come lunchtime, I made my way there early at 10am.

With no waiters to cater to your every whim, customers must place their order at the counter. I had myself a plate of red rice with Pepes Jamur (steamed mushroom wrapped in banana leaf), fried chicken liver and gizzard, Tahu Tuna (fried tofu with tuna fishcake filling), and stir-fried water spinach. Of course, I also helped myself to a dollop of sambal terasi (shrimp paste chilli) to satiate my thirst for spiciness.

Out of all the dishes that I tucked in to, both the Pepes Jamur and the Tahu Tuna took first prize. The former was nicely cooked, fresh, and sported a delicate texture, whereas the latter’s tuna fishcake filling was just exceptional. It was chewy in character and its aftertaste pleasantly enriched the overall flavour of the concoction. It tasted even better after I dipped it into the savoury sambal terasi.

Kompleks Dago Highland,
Bandung, West Java
T: 0821 1584 4410
Open daily from 7am-9pm
Rp.50,000/US$3.70 per person

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