Bandung’s Finest

Without a shadow of a doubt, Bandung is one of the most-loved cities in the country. And it’s not just because of its array of factory outlets and music scene. What makes it even more exceptional is the variety of tantalising delicacies on offer. Foodies worldwide would rave about Parijs van Java’s culinary-scape, and we thought it would be fitting if we’re to present a list of joints that are worth your time, money, effort, and tummy space. All the eateries below are considered based on our findings and personal opinions.

Kedai Timbel Dago
Found in the trendy neighbourhood of Dago, Kedai Timbel Dago serves a wondrous mix of iconic Sundanese dishes – most notably Nasi Timbel. Shop till you drop while in the area, and end your bargain hunt by stuffing yourself with its Nasi Timbel Ayam Goreng.

Martabak Andir
This shop’s Martabak Jagung Keju (stuffed pancake with corn and cheese fillings) is a favourite of our junior managing editor. In fact, she has gone on to rank it as the best Martabak in Bandung. Word of advice: she rarely misses the mark when it comes to food.

Nasi Bancakan
A popular spot to indulge in Sundanese mixed rice, Nasi Bancakan also offers other delicious treats at fairly affordable prices. Expect a large number of Jakartans to overcrowd the place during weekends.

Mie Rica Kejaksaan
Spicy food lovers, Mie Rica Kejaksaan is your heaven on earth. Serving a selection of fiery hot Bakmi (noodles), this shop welcomes regulars from all over the country on a daily basis.

Dunia Baru
Classic Chinese cuisine is the name of the game for Dunia Baru. Located on Jalan Gardujati, give its ginger chicken or fried pork with soy sauce a go to find out why we’ve included it on this list.

Surabi Cihapit
It may be housed in a cart, but Surabi Cihapit dishes out one of the tastiest Surabi (sweet pancake) know to mankind.

Mie Naripan
Whether you go for its Mie Yamin (dry noodles) or Mie Kuah (noodles soup), Mie Naripan will give your taste buds the time of their lives.

Rumah Makan Laksana
Although there are several other big names that specialise in Sundanese mixed rice in Bandung, Rumah Makan Laksana has earned a special spot in my heart. Jakartans should be glad to know that they can find a couple of its branches in their hometown.

Mih Kocok Mang Dadeng
The clincher for Mih Kocok Mang Dadeng’s Mie Kocok is the additional beef marrow. When you add to that the generous amount of chewy savoury kikil (cow’s feet) in its concoction, you get one magical bowl of Mie Kocok.

Batagor Kingsley
Batagor (fried fish dumplings) is a must-eat treat in Bandung, and for me, Batagor Kingsley takes the cake in the race for being named the best Batagor joint in town.

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