Bangka: Restoran Mr. Adox

More than 64 per cent of this country is covered by the ocean, which in my opinion screams “seafood galore!” Each and every region in Indonesia has its own authentic seafood treats, and while in Pangkal Pinang, I was able to relish its very own Ikan Bawal Lempah Nanas (pomfret with pineapple soup) at Restoran Mr. Adox.

Restoran Mr. Adox is the crème de la crème of seafood restaurants in Pangkal Pinang at the moment, with the province’s VIPs having made the place its go-to joint for a meal. Its capacious space owes much to the huts that extend to its front yard, which enables the shop to cater to a large number of customers. Established seven years ago, some locals have deemed Restoran Mr. Adox to have surpassed the legendary Restoran Mr. Asui in terms of food quality and popularity.

restoran mr adox

I only needed to cross the road from my hotel to reach Restoran Mr. Adox, which was almost empty when I got there at around 11.30am. I placed an order for the aforementioned Ikan Bawal Lempah Nanas, along with a serving of its Udang Saus Padang (stir-fried shrimps in spicy Padang sauce) solely to compare its sauce with the one that I usually have at my favourite seafood joint back home in Jakarta.

While I was waiting for my food, a few groups of people – the lunchtime crowd – began to descend upon the establishment. Not long after, it was almost to its full capacity. The reddish-coloured Ikan Bawal Lempah Nanas sported a very appetising exterior the moment it reached my table. I could detect a hint of turmeric emanating from it, which lends a flavourful touch to its overall taste. I found the Udang Saus Padang quite different from the one in Jakarta. Although both share a gravy that is rich in texture, this concoction had a more sweet-and-sour taste to it rather than being spicy in flavour.

Jl. Depati Hamzah,
Pangkal Pinang
Open daily from 9am-10pm
Rp.100,000/US$7.70 per person

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