Bangka: Rumah Makan Mr. Asui

The general consensus shows that Rumah Makan Mr. Asui is indeed one of the most popular seafood joints in Bangka – and the oldest to boot. It is testament to its reputation that the first shop that was suggested by my local driver was this very restaurant.

Founded by Koh Asui in 1983 and housed inside a medium-sized shop on Jl. Yang Zubaidah in Kampung Bintang – a renowned culinary haven in Bangka – the place sees a large number of punters almost every single day. Reaching it requires customers to navigate through a very narrow alley, which is slightly unconventional.

rumah makan mr asui rumah makan mr asui

I purposely came by at around 5.30pm; just before the busy dinner time. Only a few groups of people were inside when I made my entrance. I ordered its Udang Rica-Rica and grilled calamari. The service here is quite swift for a seafood restaurant, and once they arrived on my table, I was a bit surprised by the appearance of the Udang Rica-Rica. Based on its moniker, I expected spicy fried shrimps; instead, what was presented was a portion of crispy fried shrimps with butter sauce.

Despite the unprecedented development, I didn’t consider it to be a setback at all. Its crunchy texture and creamy sweet sauce complemented each other nicely, while the added cayenne pepper slices elevated its freshness level. On the other hand, the grilled calamari was fresh yet plain and featured a moderately salty aftertaste with a chewy texture.

Jl. Yang Zubaidah No. 242,
T: 0717 423 772
Open daily from 10am-10pm
Rp.80,000/US$6.20 per person

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