Belitung: Rumah Makan Diva

The two ingredients that make the island of Belitung such a popular destination for visitors both local and international are its scores of delectable food and spectacular panoramic sceneries. We’re here to talk about the former, though, and there’s one eatery that managed to win my heart during my short visit there: Rumah Makan Diva and its Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin (salted fish fried rice) and Mihun Goreng Ayam (fried chicken rice vermicelli).

Rumah Makan Diva has been a firm favourite of the locals since it was established more than seven years ago and is found in the heart of Tanjung Pandan – Belitung Island’s capital city. The place was overcrowded when I got there, but fortunately there was still a vacant spot right next to its kitchen. The strategic spot enabled me to witness the staff prepare its mouth-watering dishes. I ordered both the aforementioned dishes as I was famished after a fun day at the beach.

rumah makan diva rumah makan diva

The fried rice uses delicate salted mackerels and they complemented the savoury fried rice with aplomb. The peppery aftertaste made the concoction even more tantalising. Consisting of rice vermicelli, fried chicken meat slices, fried tofu, scrambled egg, bean sprouts, and Chinese mustard greens, the Mihun Goreng Ayam was already perfect to a T and required no more additions to fine-tune its taste. Spicy and packed with a potpourri of flavours, it was simply delightful.

Jl. Sriwijaya,
Tanjung Pandan
T: 0817 990 3552
Open daily from 8am-10pm
Rp.30,000/US$2.30 per person

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