Belitung: Warung Kopi Anui

As a lover of all things coffee, it was inevitable that I made a stop in the city of Manggar during my culinary exploration of Belitung. Manggar is synonymous with coffee and is one of the most fascinating destinations on the island.

Obviously there is an abundance of coffee shops in town, but I only had time for one of them. Warung Kopi Anui became my preferred port of call; an establishment that has been pampering its legions of customers with its selection of luscious coffee since 1982.

“It used to have customers by the dozen coming in and out packing this place during night-time back in the day. At the time, it only closed late at night. However, since the passing of its founder, Warung Kopi Anui now operates from 5am to 5pm because it is now managed by his daughter and all the employees there are females,” says a local who is also a loyal punter of the joint.

warung kopi anui

Although quite capacious in space, Warung Kopi Anui is very ordinary in appearance due to it being built from wood and with no marble tiles to cover its floor. This, though, has not deterred its army of fans from spending their time sipping on a cup of joe here. “I come here either to just drink coffee or have a chat with my buddies,” remarks a patron who has been coming here from the moment this warung first opened for business.

The weather in Manggar was quite hot that day, so a glass of its exquisite Es Kopi Susu (iced milk coffee) was the perfect choice to quench my thirst and revitalise myself. Impeccably creamy and sporting a fragrant aroma, the delightful bittersweet flavour that juices out of its excellent combination of coffee and sweetened condensed milk is given a refreshing boost by the handful of ice cubes inside.

The busy crowd at Warung Kopi Anui during my visit was enough to justify its popularity among the locals.

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Jl. Lipat Kajang Mgr,
Manggar, Belitung Timur
Open daily from 5am-5pm
Rp.5,000/US$0.40 per glass

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