Belitung: Warung Kopi Kong Djie

Prior to my short trip to Belitung, I did a bit of research on the Internet to discover more regarding the eateries that I could pay a visit to over there. Interestingly, various coffee shops kept popping up during my investigation, with Warung Kopi Kong Djie as the most prominent amongst them all.

With a few branches operating under its name, Warung Kopi Kong Djie is one of the most well-liked coffee shops on the island known as Negeri Laskar Pelangi. With that in mind, I decided to stop by on my first day in Tanjung Pandan.

The day had just turned to night as I stepped foot inside the joint. It has stood in the same location on Jalan Siburik for decades, and the place was brimming with customers. Once I got a table, I ordered its Es Kopi Susu (iced coffee with milk).

warung kopi djiewarung kopi djie

It took just a few minutes to be prepared. With its strong trademark aroma, it featured a balanced combination between coffee and sweetened condensed milk, which packed a flavourful punch. In the middle of sipping on this dream of a beverage and conversing with my local driver, co-founder and owner Ismen Holidi came by to have a chat with us.

“My father established this business in the 1940s. It was initially located near the site of the current airport – an area that was pretty deserted back then,” he answers after I posed him a question regarding the origins of Warung Kopi Kong Djie. “My parents acquired this building in the 1950s, and then transformed it into a coffee shop.”

After finishing my Es Kopi Susu and our little chinwag, I said our goodbyes but not before making a promise to Mr. Holidi to drop by the next morning to sample his joint’s many local delicacies.

Jl. Siburik,
Tanjung Pandan
Open 24 hours daily
Rp.10,000/US$0.80 per orang

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