Belitung: Warung Mie Achoi

Like its neighbouring island of Bangka, Belitung also offers its own delicious and popular take on Mi Yamin (noodles in sweet soy sauce) or Mi Bangka. If you’re ever in Tanjung Pandan, spare a little bit of your time to stop by Warung Mie Achoi and sample the deliciousness of its signature dish that has become the apple of the locals’ eyes.

Located on Jalan Madura, this warung is housed in a modest shoplot that seems to be packed with its loyal customers every single day. A favourite breakfast spot for the people of Tanjung Pandan, it is advisable to come early as the shop is only open for a short period of time – from 8am to 12pm – and its noodles tend to be sold out by 10am.

Its popularity has seen Warung Mie Achoi gaining legions of admirers from outside of the island as well. It is more than likely that you’ll come across a group of tourists from Jakarta when you dine here – something that I experienced during my visit there.

According to owner and namesake Pak Achoi, he started the business during his younger days. “He already started to try his hand in selling noodles by using a pushcart and going around his neighbourhood when he was just a young teenager. And he hasn’t stopped since,” adds his wife who has faithfully been by Pak Achoi’s side throughout.

Service here is quite swift, and my appetite grew even more as I witnessed Pak Achoi preparing great quantities of noodles. Pak Achoi’s Mi Yamin consists of noodles, bean sprouts, Chinese mustard greens and minced pork meat. The handmade noodles felt smooth on my palate and its deliciousness was amplified when combined with the savoury minced pork meat. The short cooking time augmented the texture and freshness of the bean sprouts and Chinese mustard greens up a notch.

Its Mi Yamin is also served with a bowl of wonton soup, which comprises fish balls, Otak-Otak (fishcake) and soft steamed wonton in a very refreshing and flavourful broth. Another plus point from this joint is the hospitality offered by Pak Achoi and his wife, which will make it an even easier decision for you to come back here again in the near future.

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Jl. Madura,
Tanjung Pandan
Open daily from 8am-12pm
Rp.30,000/US$2.30 per person

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