Brand New

An exquisite Japanese dining spot in the heart of Jakarta

Heritage establishment Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta has brought along a new addition to the city’s culinary scene that will lend it a new colour: premium Japanese restaurant OKU. First unveiled on April 1, the five-star hotel aims to bring about a premium Japanese dining experience for Jakarta’s fine people. Offering a range of classic Japanese dishes that are given a modern twist, the joint also features a Zen-like ambience and a laid-back jazzy vibe – perfect for business lunches, special occasions, and the after-hour spot of choice for young professionals.
A wide selection of top-class Japanese delicacies is on offer here, courtesy of Chef Kazumasa Yazawa at the helm, which will provide the ultimate sensation for your palate and tummy. “My cooking philosophy is simple. It is all about making food using ingredients and produce that we show absolute respect towards,” he says.
Alex Pichel, the general manager of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, is certain that OKU will become the most stellar and unique addition to the hotel’s dining venues. “We firmly believe that this is the only authentic Japanese dining experience in Central Jakarta that can cater to both business and leisure patrons. We look forward to welcoming hotel guests and diners to OKU,” he states.

Hotel Indonesia Kempiski Jakarta,
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1
T: 021 2358 3800

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