Bukittinggi: Lansano Jaya

A popular eatery in Bukittinggi that specialises in Itiak Lado Hijo (sautéed duck meat with green chilli), Lansano Jaya is the best choice for this mouth-watering dish amongst the handful of shops that sit by the Ngarai Sianok riverside. It has been in business for about ten years now, and it has captured the hearts and tummies of the locals to the extent that some are known to have willingly driven a couple of hours from Padang just to sample this refreshing delicacy.

In addition to its tasty dishes, you’ll also get the magical panorama of Ngarai Sinok to further enhance your dining experience. Housed in a rather capacious shop, it features a few huts by the side of the main building where customers are able to dine alfresco. One might expect this place to be all about duck dishes, which is a wrong observation. In fact, it also serves various Minang dishes akin to other mixed rice shops in Padang and Bukittinggi. The star attraction, though, is its signature dish.

Owning a palate that is accustomed to sampling the Sambal Ijo (green chilli sambal) that is tend to be offered at Padang restaurants, I was slightly disappointed with the concoction that accompanied the Itiak Lado Hijo. It was cooked in a way that is far from the original version, which made me cringe a little. Once I had my first bite along with the duck meat, I changed my opinion right away. Despite its somewhat creamy texture, the sambal was seasoned perfectly and insanely hot. It enhanced the taste of the odourless and tender duck meat even further.

Jl. Binuang, Sianok Anam Suku,
T: 0752 744 4615
Open daily from 9am-8pm
Rp.50,000/US$3.80 per person

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