Bukittinggi: Nasi Kapau Ni Er

Renowned for its delicious Nasi Kapau (Kapau mixed rice), Nasi Kapau Ni Er is a well-established warung in Bukittinggi that deserves more of your attention. Located amongst a number of stalls in traditional food court Los Lambuang within Pasar Wisata Bukittinggi – or Pasar Ateh to the locals – it tends to be packed with customers on a daily basis.

Founder Ni Er has been selling Nasi Kapau for around 30 years now. She obtained the original recipe from her grandmother, who used to run a similar joint back in the 1960s. Its table setting is quite unique as it uses a U-shaped table where the selections of dishes are located right in the middle. The benches are placed at the outer end of the table, and Ni Er mans the counter from the other side as she would serve customers by using a long-handled ladle to scoop up the dishes.

nasi kapau uni er nasi kapau uni er

I gave its Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) and fresh sambal a try, with the latter emitting a trace of jengkol (dogfruit or jering bean) that made it even tastier. The Ayam Goreng was very savoury and featured a tender texture, which delighted me a great deal. Since all the dishes here are prepared early in the morning, it’s advisable to drop by for breakfast and have your food fresh from the wok.

Los Lambuang, Pasar Ateh,
Open daily from 6am-4pm
Rp.25,000/US$1.90 per person.

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