Bukittinggi: Rumah Makan H. Minah

To discover dishes that are unique to a certain place for the first time is such a magical experience, and I’m fortunate enough to be able to do so as part of my profession. While in Bukittinggi, I was introduced to Ampiang Dadiah–a combination of Ampiah (dried sticky rice) and Dadiah (fermented milk) served in a bowl with palm sugar sauce and topped with grated coconut. I sampled it during a quick visit to Pasar Wisata, whereupon my local driver persuaded me to stop by Rumah Makan H. Minah and give this authentic Minang treat ago.

Founded by its namesake H. Minah in 1976, it has actually gained popularity for being the locals’ go-to joint for Soto Daging (beef soup). Tourists, though, are known to only make their way there to try its Ampiang Dadiah. Since H. Minah passed away, its flagship shop is now run by her grandson Firman. Its other five outlets are operated by his cousins. “I used to be my grandmother’s assistant and helped her out in the day-to-day running of all our outlets. After she left this mortal coil, I found it difficult to handle all of them on my own; hence why I asked my cousins to give me a hand,” he explains.

“Simply put, Dadiah is our people’s very own yoghurt. It takes 24 hours for fresh milk to develop into the dense and creamy Dadiah by way of a traditional method involving adding yeast into the mix and placing it inside a bamboo-made container,” he says. It’s a very delicious sweet-and-sour blend with added chewy texture from the savoury dried sticky rice.

To be honest, it initially gave off a somewhat strange sensation to my taste buds. After getting the hang of it, it grew on me to the point where I would recommend newcomers to put it to the test.

Pasar Wisata,
Open daily from 6.30am-5.30pm
Rp.16,000/US$1.20 per person

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