Cokelat Monggo: Indonesia’s Very Own Chocola...

Cokelat Monggo: Indonesia’s Very Own Chocolate

Yogyakarta has always been a venerable culinary utopia – be it for food to dine or bring home as a gift for your loved ones. One of the most renowned amongst them all is Cokelat Monggo.

The story of Cokelat Monggo first began in the year 2001 when a Belgian tourist named Thierry Detournay went on a holiday to Yogyakarta. The lack of quality chocolate production in the country – despite Indonesia being the third biggest cacao producer in the world – meant that his love for chocolate went neglected. This spurred him on to build his own chocolate empire, which started out in 2005 under his company name Anugerah Mulia. Cokelat Monggo has become so successful to the point where Thierry has been given the title “the first chocolatier in Yogyakarta”.

cokelat monggo


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Putting forward praline chocolate to endear to the younger crowd, it used to call its chocolate Cacaomania but was then changed to “Monggo”. Since then Cokelat Monggo has become well known not just in Yogyakarta but also across the country, catalysed by the increasing amount of domestic tourists who frequently purchased the chocolate as a gift.

Cokelat Monggo’s factory is located in Kotagede and is regularly visited by tourists who wish to witness the process behind the making of this sweet treat. Its shops can be found on Jalan Tirtodipuran, Ambarrukmo Plaza, and Adisucipto International Airport.

cokelat monggo

It has quite a wide range of choices in its arsenal that could cater to every chocolate lover, chief among them Praline, Milk, Dark (58 per cent and 69 per cent), Cashew Nut, and White. And then there are the more uniquely Indonesian flavours such as Ginger, Mango, Green Tea, Nutmeg, Red Chilli, Rendang, Durian, Marzipan, and White Coffee.


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