Gado-gado Bon-Bin vs. Gado-gado Direksi

Gado-gado Bon-Bin vs. Gado-gado Direksi

If you’re a fan of Gado-Gado (mixed vegetables with peanut sauce) and living in Jakarta, then you’re in luck. This city is home to two celebrated Gado-Gado stalls that are deserving of their legendary status: Gado-Gado Bon-Bin and Gado-Gado Direksi. The former was established in 1960 and is known for its trademark Gado-Gado Siram, while the latter is favoured by the board of directors of the nearby Bank Export Import and was founded in 1967. With a long history between them and both specialising in a signature dish that is quite similar in characteristics, we found it tough to crown the winner of this edition of Food Wars.

Gado-Gado Bon-Bin

jabodetabek-heritage-gado-gado Bon-bin

Offers a delectable portion of Gado-Gado Siram that uses roasted peanuts for its sauce – lending a savoury creamy texture to the proceedings. The pre-made peanut sauce is sweet, combining well with fresh vegetables.

The creamy consistency of its peanut sauce can be a bit too smooth for those who prefer the classic version of Gado-Gado.

Jl. Cikini IV, No. 5,
Central Jakarta
T: 021 314 1539/392 5404

Gado-Gado Direksi

jabodetabek-heritage-gado-gado direksi

Owner Giok Lie uses a pestle to crush the peanuts for its peanut sauce, which results in a rather crunchy finish. Adopting a made-to-order approach allows customers to have their Gado-Gado according to their personal preferences. The joint uses only the freshest of vegetables.

The place is just way too small, with a maximum capacity of just four people at a time.
Jl. Pintu Besar Selatan II – Pancoran Kita (behind Gloria),
Central Jakarta
T: 021 9253 1495/0812 940 8926

A tight contest, but in the end, we concluded that only you and your predisposition can decide the winner of this hard-fought battle. If you have a penchant for a rather smooth and creamier sauce, then Gado-Gado Bon-Bin should be your next port of call. However, if you’re more conservative and have a liking for a traditional Gado-Gado, then it has to be Gado-Gado Direksi for you.

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