Happy Independence Day

In conjunction with our beloved country’s 71st anniversary – happening August 17 – Hotel Borobudur Jakarta will be preparing a special menu called Tumpeng Tjantik for this special occasion. Essentially yellow rice shaped into a cone accompanied by a variety of side dishes, this plat du jour is recognised as a symbol of celebration by Indonesians. A remarkable buffet comprising traditional treats will also be offered at the hotel’s Bogor Cafe, comprising such delicacies including Gudeg Nangka, Pecel Sayur Madiun, and Ayam Tuturanga Manado. Priced at Rp.368,000++ per person, it will be available for both lunch and dinner.

For more information, call 021 380 5555

Monica Livia is the youngest contributing writer in Good Indonesian Food. Born and bred under the watchful eyes of her grandmother, who happens to be a baker, she has been falling in love with food since she was a wee kid.

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