Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

Hotel Borobudur presents a special edition Rainbow Guitar Christmas Log By Kamasean Matthews.

In conjunction with this year’s Christmas celebrations, Hotel Borobudur Jakarta has unveiled a special edition Christmas Log Cake for you and your loved ones. Collaborating with the young and talented Kamasean Matthews, this Christmas Log Cake is themed Rainbow Guitar, with its design inspired by the singing sensation herself and transformed into cake form by the hotel’s pastry chef.

During the press conference at the hotel’s Bruschetta Italian Restaurant to introduce the sweet treat, Hotel Borobudur Jakarta’s general manager Patrick Beck explained the idea behind the creation of the cake. “To prepare a log cake as a dessert for Christmas is a tradition for us in France. Thus, I intend to share it with you by presenting our very own log cake.” He adds, “We’re also very glad to have Kamasean on board and working with us to create this beautiful Christmas log cake.”

Kamasean herself mentioned that the cake was inspired by her rainbow-coloured guitar, and it was revealed that the hotel’s pastry team were responsible in concocting the blueberry sponge roulade and opera cake with Massa Ticino and dark chocolate coating. “I’m a big fan of blueberry and chocolate, so I wanted the team to make something that would use these two ingredients,” she says.

This special edition Rainbow Guitar Christmas Log Cake comes in two sizes: large for Rp.620,000 and a smaller sized version priced at Rp.460,000. With only a limited quantity up for grabs, we would recommend that you make your way to Hotel Borobudur Jakarta sharpish. Call 021 380 5555 ext 73620 or browse their website at for more information.

Hotel Borobudur Jakarta
Jl. Lapangan Banteng Selatan No. 1
Central Jakarta
T: 021 380 5555 ext 73620

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