Indonesia’s 4 Most Celebrated Dishes

Indonesia’s 4 Most Celebrated Dishes

Surely one of the richest in the world when it comes to diversity in enticing local delicacies, Indonesia owes much of this fascinating element to the potpourri of cultures and norms that inhabit each of its many islands. Be it fried or grilled and soup or dry, each and every dish offers a distinctive taste that would more than likely leave a mark on your heart and taste buds. The following are a number of big names in the Indonesian culinary lexicon that are highly cherished by its citizens, including some that have gained international recognition.

Rendangrumah makan pagi sore
CNNGo readers voted Rendang as the best dish in the world in 2011, and that fact alone was enough to place it on the top of this list. Its delicate texture and heavenly taste make it so hard to resist – something that I assume even foreigners have discovered to their enjoyment. The finest Rendang Daging (beef Rendang) that I’ve ever sampled, though, can be found at Rumah Makan Pagi Sore in Padang, West Sumatra.

Nasi Goreng

nasi goreng bang ali
Initially brought to our shores by Chinese merchants back during the days of yore, Nasi Goreng (fried rice) has been adopted by the locals and adapted to suite their palate. It is now a favourite of many and is consumed by people on a daily basis regardless of the time of day – the exact reason why the majority of roadside hawkers in the country specialise in the dish.

Mie Bakso

bakso titoti
Noodles are actually optional when one dines on a bowl of Bakso (meatballs). Once the juiciness of a Bakso Urat (beef tendon meatball) hits one’s palate, however, everything around it would instantly lose their charm. The best portion of Bakso in Jakarta – in my opinion – is served at Bakso Titoti.

Soto Ayam

soto ayam selan
Various types of Soto Ayam (chicken soup) are offered out there, yet the most common kind consists of fried chicken slices, celery, leek slices, fried shallots and chicken broth. Zesty and flavourful, Soto Ayam also makes the perfect antidote to combat a cold rainy day.

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