Bogor: Asinan Gg. Roda (Ahauw)

”When I swallowed down the sauce, I could feel the sour and spicy tastes slowly burnt my palates.”

Honestly, I got really frustrated when my superior requested me to find Asinan Bogor (fruit or vegetables salad served in sauce made from chilli and vinegar) that matches our requirements. I spent hours browsing the Internet trying to find Asinan shop that has been opened for more than 25 years and without any branches. Unfortunately, all the available sources only featured Asinan Gedung Dalam, which clearly unmet our criteria.

Off I went to Bogor without Asinan on my list. I’ve prepared few reasons if I might return to the office empty handed. Luckily, I met a Bogor native that directed me to Asinan Ahauw. Hidden inside Jalan Roda, this Asinan shop has been opened for more than 30 years and this is where the local get their Asinan fix. Upon hearing that, I quickly ran to the shop.

The shop was packed with people. While ordering the Asinan, I could hear that most of the customers spoke in strong Sundanese accent, which implied that they were born and bred in this City of Rain. Run by a Chinese family, the shop manages by a mother and her children. After placing my order, I was directed to go inside the shop, which, apparently, is a part of their house.

The Asinan Buah, which comprises salak (snake fruit), kedondong (hog plum), young papaya and pineapple, came. The fruits were served in kuah asinan (a mixture of vinegar and red chilli sauce), created refreshing combination. When I swallowed down the sauce, I could feel the sour and spicy tastes slowly burned my palates.

I almost wanted to finish the whole portion, until I realised that I was ordering Asinan Sayur too, which came later on. Using the same kuah asinan, the salad includes tofu, salted vegetables, bean sprouts and cucumber as the ingredients. I took a bite and I could hear the crunching sound, as the vegetables were really fresh.

I tried to eat fast, as there were more customers coming in. I settled my bill and left the shop smiling from ear-to-ear. I was happy to find this hidden treasure and to prove that Good Indonesian Food is the most reliable food source you can find on the Internet – a little bit self-pride, mind you.

By Jessicha Valentina

Jl. Roda Ujung No. 5(Gang Aut)
T: 0251 835 7624
Open daily from 8am-3pm
Rp. 20,000 / US$ 1.50 per portion

Good Indonesian Food is a team of foodies working to preserve and promote Indonesian culinary.

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