Jakarta: Bakso Kumis Blok S

“Since it employs a self-service method, customers would need to line up and then prepare their own Bakso.”

Those who reside in South Jakarta or work in or around the SCBD area should be familiar with Bakso Kumis Blok S. Situated inside a hawker centre right next to Lapangan Blok S, one can easily pick out the stall what with the horde of people usually crowding the place, especially in the evening. Back in the mid-1990s, this very spot used to be a famous meeting point for those who plan to spend their Saturday night in Kemang.

First established in 1970, Bakso Kumis Blok S is renowned among locals for being one of the best bakso places in town. It has also become a favourite haunt for those office workers in SCBD, either as a transit hub to wait out the horrible traffic on Jalan Senopati during rush hour or to grab a quick bowl of Bakso before they head home.

Its most unique characteristic is how it serves its Bakso. Since it employs a self-service method, customers would need to line up and then prepare their own bakso. You get to decide the amount of leek, fried shallot, and salt that you want to put into your bowl of bakso. There’s no denying its taste, though – the juicy and tender bakso is second to none.

To be sitting here and scoffing down its Bakso really brings back sweet memories for yours truly. I actually used to hang out with my high-school mates here. Every time I’m here, a part of me would wish that I could call them up and gather here to reminisce and be all nostalgic.

Pujasera Blok S
Jl. Birah Raya No.3, Senopati
South Jakarta
Open daily from 10am-12am
Rp. 20,000/ US$ 1.60 per person

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