Bogor: RM. Warung Doyong

“In one bite, I could taste the savoury flavours roamed in my mouth”

If you happen to be in Bogor and want to enjoy authentic Sundanese food, then Rumah Makan Warung Doyong will be a smart choice. Opened in 1979, this warung offers Sundanese staples such as Ayam Goreng, Sayur Asem, Pepes (type of food wrapped in banana leaf), fried tofu, and stir-fry vegetables.

For those who are new to Bogor, I should warn you that it’s a bit tricky to find the real Rumah Makan Warung Doyong, as there are many impostors surrounding the shop, all with newly built interiors. The real Warung Doyong hasn’t been revamped for years. Therefore, the shop looks old and dull (sorry, but that’s the truth). Although the shop design doesn’t look inviting, believe me, it’s still packed with people even before lunchtime.

I arrived in Warung Doyong on Sunday morning. Run by a Chinese family, you will see all the staff, all children of the founder, busy operating the restaurant. When I came in, one of the jie jie (a Mandarin word that means sister) took my order. I asked for Ayam Goreng and Sayur Asem, which she prepared in a flash.

Many customers have favoured the Ayam Goreng and I should say it’s one of the best I have ever tasted. Served warm, the chicken was marinated thoroughly. In one bite, I could taste the savoury flavours roamed in my mouth. Serundeng (sautéed grated coconut) came with the Ayam Goreng, enriched the meal. The Sayur Asem – served in Sundanese style – was filled with long beans and sweet corn. The portion was huge, luckily, I shared it with my cousin who tagged along with me. While eating I took a spoon of the Sambal Terasi (chilli mixed with shrimp paste) and put it on the Ayam Goreng and Sayur Asem. The spicy Sambal stimulated my appetite, which led me ordering extra Bakwan Jagung (corn fritters) as the Sambal companion.

When I was about to leave the shop, I heard that the Ayam Goreng had almost sold out. It was only 11 o’clock in the morning and the newcomers quickly ordered Ayam Goreng to bring home. I definitely will return to this humble restaurant. If you want to experience the authentic Sundanese food too, please be my guests.

By Jessicha Valentina

Jl. Pahlawan No. 143A
Bogor, West Java
T: 0251 712 3307
Open daily from 6am-3pm
Rp. 20,000-30,000/ US$ 1.40 – 2.20 per person

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