Tangerang: Rumah Makan Kelapa Kuning

Tangerang: Rumah Makan Kelapa Kuning

“A heavenly combination of bitter, sour, sweet, and salty tastes wreaked havoc inside my mouth after just one bite – the result of its bumbu ngohiong.”

With a signboard and a yellow coconut tree – more on this in a bit – standing right in front of it, one could easily pick out Rumah Makan Kelapa Kuning from the throng of restaurants in Tangerang’s city centre. The big giveaway here is the tree, known as pohon kelapa kuning in Indonesian, which, of course, is the inspiration behind the name of the eatery.

Specialising in affordable Chinese food, Rumah Makan Kelapa Kuning was first established 40 years ago; a perfect candidate for our Heritage-category joints. I noticed massive round tables inside the air-conditioned area of the restaurant the moment I stepped inside, which I reckon would be ideal for a family meal. A quick scan through the menu revealed a myriad of dishes that are fitting for one’s tummy and friendly to one’s wallet.

Ranging from Gurame Asam Manis (sweet and sour gourami), Ayam Goreng Shanghai (deep-fried chicken with Shanghai-style sauce) and Sapo Tahu Seafood (Japanese tofu with seafood) to your everyday Indonesian staples such as Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Mie Goreng (fried noodles), the selections that you have here are plenty and varied. On this particular visit, I opted for the Ayam Goreng Shanghai and Sapo Tahu Seafood to be the lucky two dishes to satisfy my never-ending hunger. The waitress who took my order notified me that both of these items of food are actually two of the restaurant’s signature dishes. Lucky me.

Priced at Rp.85,000, the Ayam Goreng Shanghai uses a whole ayam kampung (Indonesia’s very own version of its free-range chicken) and was rich in flavour. A heavenly combination of bitter, sour, sweet, and salty tastes wreaked havoc inside my mouth after just one bite – the result of its bumbu ngohiong (traditional Chinese five-spice powder) that is used to marinate the chicken. The Shanghai sauce itself had a sweet and sour flavour, suggesting that some oyster sauce was involved when it was put together. The Sapo Tahu Seafood, on the other hand, had sea cucumber, mushroom, squid, and shrimp scattered across the generously portioned dish. Clocking at just Rp.50,000, it certainly is one that would be worth your every penny.

Head on over to Rumah Makan Kelapa Kuning if you’re looking for reasonably priced Chinese food in Tangerang. You won’t regret it.

jabodetabek-heritage-rm kelapa kuning jabodetabek-heritage-rm kelapa kuning
By Jessicha Valentina

Jl. Kanjeng Dalem No. 1,
Tangerang, Banten
T: 021 552 4852
Open daily from 9am-3pm and 5pm-9pm
Rp.50,000-70,000/US$3.60-5.10 per person

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