Jakarta: Shantung Kitchen

“I always try to avoid showering a restaurant with praise, but Shantung Kitchen is an exception to the rule.

Each and every Jakartan knows that Kelapa Gading is teeming with exceptional eateries. First developed as residential area in the 1980s, those of Peranakan descent form the majority of the area’s population, which explains why the culinary scene here is dominated by Chinese restaurants. Yet despite the number of establishments on offer, we’ve had difficulties in pinpointing one that we could include in our Heritage section as most of them were opened after 1995. One exception is Shantung Kitchen, which was founded in the 1980s and is managed by a family who work hand in hand to run their one and only outlet.

Situated right behind BCA on Jalan Kelapa Gading Boulevard, it has become somewhat of a ritual for my husband and I to spend Sunday afternoon at this joint. Don’t expect five-star service here, as it is always crowded with customers, but then again, it’s not the customer service that has kept us coming back for more – it’s their sinfully good Kuotie(Chinese gyoza), Swikiau (dumplings), and Sekba (pig innards stew in soy sauce).
My husband and I would usually begin with a glass of fresh orange juice and iced sliced mango. It would then be followed by a total of 20 pieces of Kuotie, Swikiau, and Sekba. While waiting for our food, we would prepare our own mixture of condiments that include chilli sauce, raw garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, and black vinegar.

I always try to avoid showering a restaurant with praise, but Shantung Kitchen is an exception to the rule. Its Kuotie and Swikiau are second to none, with each piece striking the perfect balance between its minced pork and green onion. Its dumpling skin is not too thin yet still chewy enough to be enjoyed. In my most honest opinion, no other eatery could come close with Shantung Kitchen when it comes to Kuotie and Swikiau.

jabodetabek-heritage-shantung kitchen jabodetabek-heritage-shantung kitchen3
Jl. Summagung III,
Blok N 2, No.8, Kelapa Gading,
North Jakarta
T: 021 452 3940
Open daily from 5pm-9pm
Rp.60,000/US$4.60 per portion

Astrid Maharani Prajogo is the founder and managing director of Good Indonesian Food. She sees the importance of understanding food history, as it determines culture and choices of the people. A passionate foodie, Astrid will be like a bear with a sore head when hungry or eating an unpalatable meal.

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