Tangerang: Siomay Sandy Rawa Kucing

Tangerang: Siomay Sandy Rawa Kucing

“Presented hot, it possesses a crunchy yet chewy texture, which is very rarely seen as most Siomay are served damp and soggy.”

Siomay Sewan has become the pride and joy of the residents of Tangerang and a byword for the most delish of snacks in town. Named after a suburb in the city, its reputation was earned courtesy of the hard work done by Yo Ribut, who would cycle all the way from Sewan to the city centre to ply his trade back in 1980. Its taste and his efforts impressed many, whom eventually gave it the name Siomay Sewan, which has stuck until even now.

When the waves that Yo Ribut had made with his Siomay (steamed dumplings) began to get bigger, customers started travelling to his house instead to sample his creations. This led to him setting up a number of chairs and tables for them to eat at the terrace of his abode. In the ensuing years, people in the area – perhaps inspired by Siomay Sewan’s success – began selling Siomay in Tangerang as well. This created an unwanted confusion among Yo Ribut’s customers, who mistook them for the original Siomay Sewan. “It’s not their fault. They’re from Sewan as well!” says Herman, the fourth son of Yo Ribut. In order to avoid this mess, his father renamed the warung Siomay Andy. Herman, together with eldest sister Santi, took over the business after both his father and mother passed away in 2012. Herman recently changed the name of the stall again, this time after his son Sandy.

Trust me when I say you need a reliable GPS app on your phone to find where Siomay Sandy Rawa Kucing is. Located out of sight inside a village, one has to go past a Chinese cemetery and a few paddy fields along the way. Sounds like an adventure, huh?

The menu here is pretty basic, with only Siomay and a few drinks for customers to choose from. Priced at Rp.3,000 per piece, punters are able to mix and match the Siomay and have it with either tofu, cabbage, or bitter gourd. The Siomay here used to be a mixture of pork, ikan tenggiri (mackerel), and sago starch. To be able to a cater to a wider market, they decided to eliminate pork from the equation. Worried? Well, don’t be, as it turns out that without pork, the Siomay here is still a winner. Presented hot, it possesses a crunchy yet chewy texture, which is very rarely seen as most Siomay are served damp and soggy. Its savoury flavour is enhanced even further with the sweet peanut sauce.

If you’re hankering for a small bite, and are willing to go the extra mile to find one that is special, then Siomay Sandy Rawa Kucing is definitely it.

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By Jessicha Valentina

Jl. Sewan Rawa Kucing No. 50,
Tangerang, Banten
T: 021 9739 7074/0877 8077 1246
Open daily (except Tuesdays) from 9am-7pm
Rp.3,000/US$0.20 per piece

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