Jakarta: Bubur Ayam Sinar Garut Bogasari

Jakarta: Bubur Ayam Sinar Garut Bogasari

Whether it is in the morning or during the evening, Bubur Ayam (chicken porridge) is one true- blue Indonesian dish that can be devoured at any time of the day. A handful of renowned porridge joints in town have even opted to open from the afternoon all the way until midnight – such as Sinar Garut Bogasari.

Found not far from the SMK 57 busway stop on the side of the road that leads to Ragunan, it gets even more packed here as the night grows darker. Established in 1998, it is commonly frequented by office workers who have either made a stopover here or have made the place their designated destination. Apart from its signature Bubur Ayam, it also offers a variety of toasts, Mie Rebus (boiled noodles), and Mie Goreng (fried noodles). However, the public’s favourites are its Bubur Ayam with assorted toppings and Es Kopyor (coconut sport with ice).

Bubur Ayam Sinar Garut Boga Sari

Speaking of toppings, Sinar Garut Bogasari presents a smorgasbord of choices for those who are not after a run-of- the-mill Bubur Ayam. They range from shredded cheese, intestine cuts, and liver and gizzards to corned beef and raw egg. The latter may sound a rather odd additional to a porridge, but since its Bubur Ayam is served hot, the egg will have become half boiled by the time it reaches your table. Imagine tucking into a bowl of hot porridge mixed with a savoury egg – delicious!

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My order for that evening, though, was a combination of cheese and corned beef. As a certified cheese fanatic, it was such a bonus to be able to consume my favourite dish with cheese. Supplied in abundance, even my last spoonful still had cheese all over it. The corned beef was presented almost exactly like the egg – dunked raw into the hot porridge. It was savoury and became more flavorous when it blended together with the rest of the other toppings, including Cakwe (fried breadstick), chicken meat, Emping (gnetum-gnemon seed crackers), and scallions.

At the time of writing, Sinar Garut Bogasari has branches in Margonda, Depok, Taman Jajan Bintaro, Ciputat and Wisma Tani.

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Jl. Taman Margasatwa Ragunan (near SMK 57), South Jakarta
T: 0821 1906 6869
Open daily from 5pm-12am
Rp.40,000/US$3 per person


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