Jakarta: Mie Ayam Senjaya

As I’ve mentioned many times before, Tebet is a veritable food haven that has been often overlooked for various reasons. One of them, I’d assume, would be the traffic congestion that happens on a daily basis in and around the area during weekdays. I’ve been going to a noodle shop here called Mie Ayam Senjaya since I was a kid, but only recently have I gotten into a conversation with its owner.

The humble old man always prepares the Mie Ayam (chicken noodles) by himself, even when the place is crowded during dinner time. “I started this business in 1981 and it has always been located at the same place since then,” he says. “It’s the only outlet that I have as I think I’m too old if I had more than just the one to manage.”

mie sanjaya mie sanjaya

Its signature dish features dense and delicate home-made noodles with savoury fried chicken chunks. Simple yet rich in flavour, its generous amount of chicken is another argument why I love this place and its Mie Ayam. However, be wary though, as they tend to throw in way too much oil into the mix. I’d often remind them about this before they start preparing it.

Apart from the Mie Ayam, it also has quite a number of choices available on its menu, including Bihun (rice vermicelli), Kwetiau (flat rice noodles), fried rice, various chicken dishes, and some seafood ones as well. Oh, its Pisang Coklat (banana roll with chocolate filling) is a dream, along with some other traditional snacks, but they are only offered after 4pm.

Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam II, No. 51B,
T: 021 8379 2366/9440 6952
Open daily from 10am-10pm (closed on Tuesday)
Rp.30,000/US$2.30 per person

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